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Heavy-Duty Tripod

SKU: HG-102

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Includes: Heavy-Duty Tripod, Mast Assembly, Ground Screw Stake, Bungee Cord, Bubble Level, and Lensatic Compass

Excellent for both standard and large-size satellite dishes. Selecting the correct tripod for your needs is very important. CLICK HERE to visit our Tripod Selection page. If you are unsure about your dish, send an email question. This tripod will support most standard and HD TV satellite dishes that have a mast size of either 1 5/8" or 2" diameter with a maximum weight of 35 lbs.

This tripod was made to our specifications by CST/Berger, a leading manufacturer of industrial tripods and surveying equipment. Each leg adjusts in length, individually, making it easy to level the tripod's mounting platform using the circular bubble level supplied. The tripod is securely anchored with the tie-down stake and heavy-duty bungee cord supplied, or you may use any of the alternate methods suggested in the instructions. The removable mast assembly makes it easy to "pre-aim" the tripod, using the Lensatic Compass with the H&G eZEE-AIM Tripod System™, and be within 2-3 degrees of the correct azimuth every time.

The re-designed mast assembly is machined from solid aluminum for greater aiming accuracy and weather resistance.. The mast comes set up for a 2" diameter dish but easily converts to accommodate the 1 5/8" dish size.

When folded, the tripod is quite compact and measures 38"X6"X6". It opens to a minimum height of 34" or a maximum height of 61" (with a normal 32" leg spread). The legs can be extended with a wider stance for greater stability in high-wind areas. Complete instructions included.






Ryan Meacham on 07/18/2020 01:50pm
I received the heavy duty tripod today and following the procedures in the instructions, I had the 101 close to perfect in just a few minutes without even using the meters. I was easily able to peak the other satellites in just a few minutes. The high quality tripod is basically identical to a tripod that I have for using a rotary laser level with some very helpful additions that make it so much easier than my old tripod that I used with my old three LNB dish. The quality and engineering is top notch! I am very impressed and pleased with the purchase.
Jim Irby on 08/02/2018 10:01am
I wrote a review immediately upon receiving my tripod explaining how impressive it is. I have now set up the Directv SL3 dish several times and it amazed me how easy it now is. I also have a Satlook Lite meter that identifies the 101 satellite.

After setting up the first time, the 101 has always been "found" and pretty well peaked by just using the tripod setup procedure. The meter certainly adds confidence that the correct satellite has been found and saves a lot of time not having to use the receiver for peaking, but the tripod aiming process works every time. LOVE IT.

I'm a very happy camper with this system!!!

Jim Irby on 06/25/2018 05:09pm
I just received my HD tripod with the high wind option and I'm already impressed.even before setting it up. The attention to detail and the amazing quality of every component is evident.even down to the care in packaging and shipping. If you are on the fence about the HD tripod, take my word for it. This is a TOP OF THE LINE product, well thought out, and a real solution to a long-standing problem for RV'ers.
Brad Christiansen on 09/26/2017 07:53pm
After receiving this heavy duty tripod in October 2016 and then waiting for the snow to melt I finally had chance to try it out in May 2017. Wow what a difference this tripod has made in the setup and finding the satellite. After following the basic directions it worked like a dream. The ability to level the tripod helps immensely. No more putting sticks and pieces of wood to level my old tripod. Highly recommended!
Ken Miller on 12/01/2016 10:19am
I love this tripod,I never intended to spend this much on a dish holder. Before HD I'd rig a dish on a pc of pvc pipe,and used a sound only finder. This tripod makes it Soooo easy to line a dish up. The quality is outstanding easy to level on uneven ground.
John Suchie on 08/09/2016 09:08am
I have been looking for a tripod like this for years. I used those cheap conduit tripods. This tripod is very high quality. Set up is great. I would have paid a lot more. Very nice.
James Abernathy on 03/16/2016 11:00am
I have 2 previous tripods that were always a pain to setup. The Heavy Duty Tripod allows for a precise Azimuth setup before you put the dish on the tripod. The first time I setup I didn't have to hunt for the satellite. Just tweak a little for maximum signal
Kai Fossum, Norway on 12/30/2015 06:51am
I've used this product for a while now, and I become more and more satisfied that I bought just this product, and not some cheap crap! The tripod is rock solid even in heavy wind, icy surfaces and "mud". I searched for similar product "all over Europe" without finding something similar, and was glad when I found this product, and more satisfied after using it for a while. The product itself with the High Wind Option Package included, indeed is worth the money! Thanks!!
Ron Hays on 11/09/2015 05:51pm
Absolutely worth every penny, after trying the cheap fixed leg tripods and other homemade set ups, there is nothing easier or better to set up on all terrains. It took me longer to roll out the cable than it did to setup the dish with this nice adjustable tripod plus lite & easy to store and carry. Plus picked up Directv HD first try.happy wife, happy life!
Dale Walker on 02/01/2015 09:38am
After fighting with a tripod from Dish for years I spent the money to buy this one. My oh my why did I wait so long? It is great! I also bought the folding arm kit and the dish conversion kit. This equipment along with my super buddy meter lets me set up faster than an automatic dish system. Plus, it is nice to pay just actual shipping cost. Thank you for 1. Great products 2. Great prices and 3. Great customer service.
Daniel Holloway on 08/24/2014 01:11pm
You made aligning my dish easy! I had one of those ribited dish that was a challenge every time we went camping, sometimes failing altogether. I knew someone had to make a good product, Didn't want to buy one of those expensive tailgater dishes. Easy to level and aim! Keep up the good work!
Ronald Francoeur on 04/04/2013 08:10am
I travel full time in my RV and set up my satellite dish about 50-75 times a year. I have been using the tripod supplied by Dish for several years. The rivets holding the tripod were getting loose and it became more and more difficult to properly aim the dish, sometime taking 30-40 minutes to get a signal. Whenever I plumbed the tripod and installed the dish the rivets would shift and the aim would be off. After hinting (strongly) that I wanted the Heavy-Duty Tripod from tv4rv I received it for Christmas. This is the easiest, most stable, and BEST satellite tripod. I no longer have to fool with shims/rocks/boards and whatever to plumb the tripod. Setup is easy and straight forward. I can now acquire a good signal on all 3 satellites in under 5 minutes. I have set the tripod up using the ground screw stake, the 12" galvanized nails, and the high wind option with 5-1 gallon water jugs for weight. In every case the tripod has remained extremely solid and perfectly aimed. This is the BEST and easiest to use satellite tripod I have found. The tripod is well built and should be standard equipment for anyone who must set up an external satellite dish.
Vito Mazzaro on 04/01/2013 04:31pm
I had purchased this heavy duty tri-Pod and found it was the easiest tri-pod to use. The instructions were easy to use and I found the satilite in less than 5 minutes!!! I hardly had to tweek my dish. I have done this on many occasions and within 5 minutes I have the signal. GREAT PRODUCT AND WELL WORTH THE MONEY.
Bruce Storey on 04/01/2013 09:23am
I tried several different tripods and had a terrible time trying to zero in on just one satellite. I would usually give up and not use my satellite TV. With this tripod, not only can I locate and fix in on one satellite, I can get all three of the Directv satellites I need for HD with no help from somebody inside of my camper. This tripod has turned me into a pro at setting up my Directv Slimline dish. I am purchasing the scope to add to my set of tools to make it even easier. I am so happy I stumbled onto I love the newsletters and all of the thought they put into helping us campers out.
Tom Cram on 03/16/2013 01:15pm
This was the best money I've spent on an RV dish tripod. It was shipped quickly and the set up of the tripod was very easy and accurate. I have a DirecTV Slimline dish. All I had to do was aim the tripod according to my coorinates, level it and anchor it. When I locked the dish on the tripod I had perfect HD TV with absolutely no other fine tuning. The tripod is considerably lighter than the old one I was using and the ease of leveling is great. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an RV dish tripod.

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