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  • Sandra P., Chicopee, Massachusetts
    I have to tell you I am extremely pleased with the tripod. We spend time up in Maine - I go out hunting and my Mom stays in the nice cozy cabin. The only drawback is the small TV with the antenna gets only a few channels. We purchased a portable satellite dish that came with a chincy tripod and brought our Direct TV box so she could watch other shows. Couldn't get it to work mostly due to the stability last year.  With this tripod I have the dish up and working within a few minutes. Had one day of really gusty winds and that dish didn't budge. Great job taking a surveyors tripod and modifying it to accommodate a dish.  VERY PLEASED - by far one of the best I could find. 
    Thank You. 
  • Cory S., Eugene, Oregon
    "Hello from Eugene, I received the Super Combo Package for RV use yesterday and today I went outside of our house to try it before using it in our trailer. The system you have developed to orient the tripod first using the compass, the adaptations to make setting the dish coordinates easier, and the use of the satellite finder with the battery power all combined to make it so that on my FIRST time ever to set up and receive satellite signals, I was successful. I have watched my friend try and get his system going, getting more and more frustrated, and employing more than one "campground host" for help before he finally was able to get a signal to watch tv with, so I am very happy with how easy you have made it! Thank you and it's not surprising that your company is located in Oregon.

    A satisfied customer"
  • Ed B., Blackfoot, Idaho
    "Success the First Time Out!

    Hi Folks, I purchased the RV Supercombo kit some time back. We had our first outing of this summer last week. I took some time the evening before departure and installed the elevation adjust conversion kit on my Dish 500 dish. I had previously constructed my own battery power pack for the satellite finder meter. Upon arrival at the campsite, we had a brisk wind blowing, but I did the tripod setup as instructed, roughing in the Azmuth before securing the tripod - the Coleman compass worked like a champ on the tripod mast post. I slid the dish assembly onto the mast post and oriented it as per instructions. I attached the meter / power supply and noticed a small signal. A bit of tweaking locked on the stronger signal. Well, I had plugged in the receiver in the coach before setting the dish. Once I disconnected the meter and attached the coach cable - I went inside and powered up the receiver and television. For the first time in my RVing / Satellite experiences - I had hardcore Dish Network without further messing with the hardware!! The wind was "jiggling" the dish about slightly, but not enough to loose lock. Thanks for a simple, lightweight and easy to use product. My old Winegard tripod is up for sale!!"
  • Dale P., Canada
    "Hi George, Just wanted to thank you for the great transaction we just had. I couldn't believe that the tripod was delivered to my door in Canada in only 4 days! I'm very happy with the product and am looking forward to using it in our 5th wheel (snow has to melt first). Offering USPS as a delivery option instead of UPS is a great service since I wasn't charged any customs fees or brokerage fees. I have found in the past that any purchases delivered by UPS were subject to $15-$20 brokerage fees. Thanks again."
  • Greg P., Lotus, CA
    "The product is awesome! So easy to use and what took me hours that ended in frustration with another tripod, took me only minutes with your product. Thank you and Happy New Year! (Editor note: Greg purchased our Heavy-Duty Combo Package.)"
  • Don S., Brandon, MB Canada
    "I received the shipment a couple of days ago. It is an excellent product!! Used it for the first time this am & it was a snap! had 80% signal before fine tuning it to 90. I have already referred another customer to you from Saskatchewan. (Editor note: Don purchased our Heavy-Duty Tripod package.)"
  • Larry L., Spring, TX
    "Thanks for taking the time to provide your insight relative to stabilizing the tripod.  For your information, I set up the tripod & Slimline to check it out.  In no time at all I had it leveled, mounted the dish which was already set for tilt & elevation.  I set the azimuth and (will wonders ever cease) received a strong signal that did not require any further adjustment.  I knew all along that the problem was getting my el cheapo tripod level, just found it almost impossible to do so.  Thanks to your clever setup I can now get'er done!"  (Editor note: Larry purchased our Heavy-Duty Tripod package.)
  • Rick K., Saskatchewan
    Subject: A great product!
    Message: Another happy camper!

    "Two weeks ago I spent 2 hours trying to get a signal through trees at the last campground we stayed.  I knew it was possible to do this because I had a wide gap between trees. The standard tripod I was using was barely adjustable.  I was putting pieces of plywood under the legs to level the tripod while trying to stay in the gap.  I finally got the signal just in time for my football game but it was close I had actually given up twice.  During half time I went on the internet because there had to be a better way!  I ordered this tripod before half time was over.  First time out with the heavy duty model I had even a smaller gap between trees then before.   I followed the instructions to set up the tripod and was tightening up the tripod to the dish when my wife said IT'S ON!  I never even used my satellite finder!"   (Editor note: Rick purchased our Heavy-Duty Tripod package.)
  • Tom W., Santa Rosa, CA
    Subject: Great Product

    "After seeing a TV4RV tripod setup for satellite reception this summer, and hearing from the owner how happy he was with the setup, I ordered one. I am delighted with the product. It is well designed and very well machined from aluminum with no steel to distort the compass reading. And it's made in America by craftsmen--the kind of stuff this country used to make, but which is hard to find these days. The instructions are clear and satellite setup's a snap. We have a rooftop satellite dish on our motorhome, but use the TV4RV setup whenever trees block reception. This is a great product."   (Editor note: Tom purchased our Heavy-Duty Combo Tripod package.)