Vol. 5 - No. 8


After last month's issue hit the airwaves, we received an email from another customer, Richard Schneider of Carson City, NV, who detailed the modification he made to his TV4RV Tripod to make it easier to make finite azimuth adjustments.

We should point out that Richard is a "tinkerer" at heart so his modification is somewhat unique to his needs, but others may also find it helpful.  To save storage space and weight, Richard merged a DirecTV Slimline satellite dish with a Dish Network Dish, 1000.4.  He says "The Slimline mast assembly is too heavy. Bolt pattern is different too. I used a DirecTV Phase III mount and back-plate. Originally used an entire Phase III with an SL3 scabbed on. The 1000.4 captures the 99 and 103 better. They are bolt compatible.  The “Frankendish” is very sensitive when nailing the 99 and 103.  A 1/2 degree swing is huge. I’m picky and try to max it every time when okay is good enough."

Richard took the azimuth micro adjustment from his old Slimline mast assembly and added it to the tripod's top plate and mast assembly for micro azimuth adjustments.  The mast insertion point is a threaded hole that he drilled and tapped.  The mount to the tripod is attached with a nut.  The adjuster stays with the mast when removed from the tripod.  See photos below.

DSCN0388.JPG (176191 bytes)

DSCN0389.jpg (174815 bytes)

DSCN0390.jpg (172232 bytes)

DSCN0391.jpg (176932 bytes)


Ingenious modification, Richard!  Thanks for the suggestion.  We invite any of our readers to submit their suggestions of modifications they have made to our products that improve the performance.  Please email your ideas to