Frequently Asked Questions

  • frequently asked questions Does the dish come with the tripod?
    No. We do sell dishes for purchase separately but they are not included in the tripod packages. We also sell some DirecTV dish components.   See our DirecTV HD Slimline Dish Conversion Kit for details.
  • Is the dish hard to set up?
    No, using our H&G eZee-Aim Tripod System dish set up is now easy, very easy. Generally, once you've done it a few times, you can have the dish set up, ready to go, in about 15-20 minutes or less.
  • Will this tripod work with all satellite dishes?
    No, our Heavy-Duty Tripod is intended for use with TV satellite dishes, like DishNet, DirecTV, StarChoice and others. They are NOT intended to be used with Internet Satellite Dishes, which are much larger and heavier than the TV dishes. Generally, if the mounting mast on your dish is 1 5/8" or 2" in diameter, it can be mounted on our tripod, but if you are unsure about your particular dish, email us before purchasing, to be sure it will work. Consult our Tripod Selection Page for specific tripod applications.
  • I have a Winegard RV Satellite Dish. Will your tripods work with that dish?
    Yes, our tripod will work with most small, medium and large size TV satellite dishes. 
  • Do I really need a satellite finder?
    No, your receiver has a signal strength meter built into it and you can check your signal strength there. The meter just saves you from walking back and forth to the receiver to see if you have a signal. We feel it is well worth the investment.
  • No matter how carefully I aim my dish, it is seldom right-on the first time. Why is this?
    Most people make the mistake of holding the compass near the dish and try to point the dish in the same direction the compass needle is pointing. The dish is made of steel, which deflects the compass needle a bit, and gives a false reading. That is why the satellite never seems to be exactly where you point the dish. Our H&G eZee-Aim Tripod System uses the compass to "pre-align" the tripod, well away from the dish, and gives a very accurate alignment. When mounted, the dish is generally within 2 to 3 degrees of being "dead-on" the first time. 
  • Will these tripods work with a High Definition Satellite dish?
    Our Heavy-Duty Tripod model was designed specifically to support the new, larger high-definition satellite dishes.  Consult our Tripod Selection Page for specific tripod applications.
  • Can I use the existing cable input on my RV for satellite TV?
    No, the cable from your satellite dish to the receiver requires a dedicated line with no splitters or power amps in between.  This article may be of help in preparing your RV for satellite TV.