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Welcome to - Quality products made by RVers for RVers!

Thank you for your interest in our products and tripods for TV Satellite Dishes.

Our primary focus has been to develop a line of satellite dish tripods specifically for RVers and others who wish to take their digital satellite system along when they travel. Our equipment allows even the novice user to quickly mount and aim the dish, then fine-tune the satellite signal, in the least amount of time.

Our tripods will support most common TV satellite dishes, including the new, larger high definition dishes from DirecTV, DishNet, StarChoice, Bell and others.

We have a wide array of satellite TV products for RVs including slimline and just about all other dishes. This is the place for satellite TV for RVs!

We also provide technical support for all of our products and are always glad to answer any questions. Please visit our SUPPORT page.

Selecting the correct tripod for your needs is very important.
See our Tripod Selection page for help in choosing the best solution for your needs.

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